Implementing the Student Equity Plan

Section 1: Orientation to the Topic

The Problem Statement includes:

  1. Background/Introduction: a brief overview of the context or situation leading to the identification of the problem/topic area.
  2. Impact/Why it matters: The potential consequences or impact of the problem on individuals, organizations, or the broader community
  3. Aims/Objectives: The goals or desired outcomes of addressing this topic area or problem.
  4. Stakeholders: The key stakeholder affected by or involved in the problem.
  5. Summary Problem Statement: The problem that needs to be addressed. .

Section 2: Conceptualization of the Topic

Research Questions

Section 3: Investigation Plan

The Investigation Plan includes:

  1. Personnel: The individuals or team members responsible for conducting the investigation and their roles
  2. Legal and Ethical Considerations: A review of any college policy or ethical considerations with IERP relevant to the inquiry, including confidentiality, privacy, and compliance with applicable polices and practices.
  3. Interview Plan (if used)
  4. Focus Group Plan (if used)
  5. Evidence Collection (if used): Specify what existing data or evidence will be collected
  6. Analysis Plan: Describe how the collected evidence will be analyzed to draw conclusions and make recommendations

Section 4: Conclusions

Conclusions include:

  1. Review of data analysis
  2. Statement of Conclusions

Section 5: Recommendations

The Recommendations document includes:

  1. Date and Title of Action Team
  2. Submitted by: The name of the Team and the members
  3. Background/Context
  4. List of Recommendations: the proposed course of action or recommendation. Specify what action is being proposed, why it is necessary, and how it will address the identified problem or opportunity.
  5. Impact/Objectives: specific objectives or goals that the proposed action aims to achieve.
  6. References and Attachments: List any additional documents, data, or supporting materials that accompany the proposal, such as research reports, financial projections, or project plans