Guided & Supported Outcome Statements

  • All students know about and utilize services and supports that help them form an opinion, make a decision, and stay on track

  • All students have a goal and know how to achieve it

  • All students stay on track- keeping their eyes on the prize


Student Support (Re)Defined Research



  • Helping students clarify their aspirations, select an educational focus they perceive as meaningful and create a plan that moves them from enrollment to goal achievement.
  • Students have a goal and know how to achieve it.
  • Fostering students’ motivation and helping them to develop the skills needed to achieve their goals.
  • Students stay on track- keeping their eyes on the prize.



Sample SRJC Activities in the Guided & Supported Domain



  • Counseling Courses

  • Using the syllabus as a signed contract


  • "Ask Me" Campaign

  • Information Tables available during the first weeks of the semester


  • CalWorks

  • EOPS

  • Foster Youth/Bear Cub Scholars

  • Intercultural Centers 

  • Learning Communities

  • MESA

  • Student Success Coaches

  • Welcome Center


  • Career Center (Appointments, Self-Service Tools) 

  • Counseling (Ed Plans, Workshops)

  • Library and Research Support

  • Self-Directed Placement

  • Transfer Center

  • Tutoring and Writing Centers

  • Welcome Center


SRJC Student Survey Questions Related to the Guided & Supported Domain

1.  I have developed a supportive relationship with at least one SRJC instructor, counselor, or staff member. 

2.  SRJC cares about me as an individual. 

3.  Because of my background and personal experiences, I feel supported at SRJC. 

4.  I have a clear educational goal.